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Champagne is widely regarded as a lavish drink that is quite often drunk on special occasions. People give Champagne Gifts as presents as a bottle of Champagne is quite symbolic of a special occasion or celebration. Champagne is relatively exclusive in that it is (for most people) only consumed very rarely due to it's cost being more than most regularly spend on a drink.

Champagne GiftsChampagne can be given for any special occasion, be it landmark birthday, weddings, Christmas, a new job or even for the birth of a new baby (obviously not filling the babies bottle with it though)!

Everyone represents the opening of a bottle of Champagne as a time to celebrate, the winners of a Grand Prix always spray open a bottle of Champagne which is the same scenario on many other sporting occasions such as the winning football team in the cup of the team who wins the league (I imagine plenty of Champagne was opened in Manchester this year)!

Many people actually like to keep the Champagne bottle and cork as a reminder of the occasion.

Champagne is available for most different budgets, the standard 750ML size bottles start from around the £20 mark for a "no-name" bottle of Champagne right up to a couple of hundred pounds for a bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne, there are then the options to buy a Magnum or Jeroboam.

Magnums of Champagne - A Magnum is 1.5L and is double the size of a standard size bottle.

Jeroboams of Champagne - A Jeroboam is 3L and is 4 times the size of a standard bottle of Champagne and double that of a Magnum!

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Champagne Bottle Sizes
available to buy and how much each contains.

Which Brands of Champagne to look out for:
Dom Perignon
Louis Roederer
Moet & Chandon (a popular Champagne. So popular infact that a

Mot Champagne cork pops every second somewhere on Earth)
Mumm Champagne (a popular one to give on Mothers Day)
Veuve Clicquot (C) 2008