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Digital Photo frames are an absolutely superb invention. I guess it was only a matter of time before they became available with most cameras sold now being digital cameras and the routine of going to get your roll of film developed long since swapped for putting your pictures on your computer.

Digital Photo FramesWell now with the invention of the digital photo frame you can instantly choose one of your pictures and have it digitally lit up and displayed in a photo frame without even needing to go near a printer. The real beauty of this is that your digital pictures can be changed in an instant when you fancy a change.

Digital photo frames allow you (well most now do) to store a number of digital images in them (some with plug in memory cards) that can even automatically alternate between the stored pictures. So no longer do you need to look at just one picture, you can have a whole selection of your favourite pictures slowly being displayed one at a time.

Now, you think that is impressive, well just hang on a moment...How does the sound of Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frames take you?!
Yes, you can now also buy Wi-Fi enabled digital photo frames so that your displayed pictures can be updated from the other side of the world if you wish!
Enabled to work with the likes of Flickr and other photo sharing sites the digital photo frame uses Wi-Fi technology to wirelessly connect to your home network to find and get the latest pictures.
One thing we love about this WiFi digital photo frame is that you could be away on holiday and send a picture so that when a family or friend gets home they can be greeted with this new picture, what a great and nice surprise, an instant postcard that is there instantly and doesn't arrive after you have got back home from holiday.
Obviously at the moment the price of these Wireless Digital photo frames won't be cheap but as with all new technology prices do come down. That said, what a great gift to give someone so they can easily share and view their favourite pictures all from one device. (C) 2008