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Booze, alcohol, beer, wines & spirits. Whatever is your tipple alcoholic gifts can be a great gift to give, be it for the person who just drinks it without it letting it touch the sides to those with a more refined pallet who can enjoy the whole experience of drinking a fine wine.

Alcohol & Booze drink giftsTo start with, one of the more popular alcoholic drinks to give is a Champagne gift. Champagne is pretty much known throughout as a drink that is cracked open when there is a party or a special occasion to celebrate (birthdays, weddings, passing exams etc.) The whole popping the cork from a Champagne bottle seems to be just as much a focal point of having a bottle of champagne as it is pouring and drinking it (lets be honest, we all hope that when the cork pops out that the champagne then sprays out covering everyone, just like in the Grand Prix).

Mot Champagne
is amongst one of the most popular Champagnes.

For those with the more refined palette a nice bottle of wine is always a good choice. Preferably you should have some idea on what wine the recipient most likes, Red or White, dry, medium or sweet. Buying wine is a mine(vine)field in itself. You can read more about buying wine gifts here.

If you want to buy spirits & liqueurs then you need to know what the person you are buying them for likes. Unlike wines & beers, spirits can be an acquired taste with many people not liking them or only liking a certain one. If you are after buying a

Whisky gift then you will have a great choice that can cover a whole range of budgets, bottles of Whiskey start from around £10 and can range up to many thousands of pounds for very old & rare Single Malt Whiskeys!


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