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Driving experiences are amongst the most popular gift experiences that are on offer. They offer the chance to drive cars that you would not usually get to drive and also drive like you are not allowed to on the public roads. To view a whole range of driving experiences then one of the leading suppliers is Buyagift.

The most popular driving experiences are those of the supercars, Ferrari driving being at the top of the list. The Italian supercar to many sums up what a supercar is, it's amazing looks and power to match make it an icon around the world that it can match with a long heritage and history.

Rally driving experienceRally driving experiences are also very popular as you get the opportunity to drive in a manner that you would not usually be able to do. Getting the rally car you will learn how to powerslide round corners and handbrake turn. You learn what you need to do to drive round a rally course as quickly and safely as possible by learning the "tricks of the trade". The great part is that you don't have to wash the rally car at the end of the day once you have put it through all the mud and grave!

Driving experience single seaterSingle seater driving experiences give you the closest experience to "pure car racing" as you are likely to get. Following similar design to Formula 1 cars the single seaters you will be driving don't quite have the same engines in them that the F1 cars do that Lewis Hamilton races but as the cars are so light and aerodynamic you will still get to experience great acceleration speeds and unbelievable handing from these cars. The name "single seater" is enough to let you know that it is just you and the car driving along with your bottom just inches from the floor. Single seater driving experiences are absolutely superb and one that you will never forget!

Do you want to bring out the big kid in him/her? If so then what better way to do it than giving them the chance to take control of a monster truck or a Tank?!

Monster truck drivingThe sheer power and size of these machines means you can crush all that gets in your way, you don't need to worry about going round things, you can just go over them! These experiences are probably more suited to those who are not as hungry for speed although that said everyone is going to enjoy driving either of these vehicles given the chance because unless you drive tanks for your living it's unlikely you will get the chance to do anything like this again!

Off road drivingAnother firm favourite when it comes to driving experiences is off road driving in a 4x4. This type of driving experience really puts your driving skills to the test as you have to guide the 4x4 round muddy inclines and declines, through water pits and over obstacles. Although again this one is not a "fast" driving experience it is loads of fun and is technical and gives you the opportunity to test out off road conditions that you won't get to drive on (well, unless you own your own 4x4 and have your own land filled with muddy banks and water hazards)!

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If getting behind the wheel for a driving experience is perhaps not quite what you want to buy then for someone who loves cars then a nice related gift idea is a

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