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Gadgets are in the whole things that are not really NEEDED but often really WANTED. There is such a huge range of gadgets and gizmos that the choice really is endless and you can quite easily end up spending hours upon hours just looking at all the weird and wacky things there are available.

Gadgets and gizmosThe first gadget we have up for review is Tengu which is a cool USB device that becomes into a talking and singing companion by your computer!

The Nabaztag tag Wi-Fi desktop companion is truely amazing. It will wake you up, tell you when you have an email, receive and send messages, tell you the time, the weather and loads of other cool tasks.

Next up is a device that we think everyone will eventually have, and that is a

Digital Photo Frame
. These brilliant devices actually display your digital pictures in a photo frame without the need to print them out! (C) 2008