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How does floating above the world below sound as you drift along sipping Champagne? Well if you take a Hot Air Balloon flight you can do just that.

Although we don't categorise Hot Air Balloon flights in the extreme sports category, for anyone who is scared of heights or flying then this might be the best classification for it. For everyone else though the chance to slowly rise up in a Hot Air Balloon can be a most thrilling adventure, one that can be shared if you book a place for two people on it.

Hot air balloon flightWe think hot air balloon flights make great romantic gifts (again, make sure you know that your partner is not scared of heights before you book). If you choose to take a hot air balloon flight then the experience is likely to last around 3 hours from start to finish, this includes getting the balloon prepared (which in many cases you can help out with doing if you would like) with the actual flight being around 1 hour. Now despite us saying it's a great romantic gift idea that doesn't mean you can really fully dress up in your best clothes for the flight, you take off and land in a field for starters so flat footed shoes/trainers are required, obviously you will be floating around 2,000 feet up in the sky so suitably warm clothes should be warn (obviously you will have to judge this based on the time of year you take your flight, but generally speaking you don't want to be wearing just shorts and T-shirt!)

Hot air balloon flights are subject to weather conditions so there is the chance that if unexpected bad weather rolls up then the flight is subject to being rearranged to a more mutually convenient date.

Hot Air Balloon Flight Video (C) 2008