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Gift Ideas - Romantic Gift Ideas - Gold / Silver Last Rolo

Everyone knows about giving your last Rolo to the one that you love. Well now you can go one better and give your loved one a Gold or Silver last Rolo that they can keep forvere, made to the correct size and in a nice presentation box.

Silver Love HeartThe good thing with one of these Last Rolos is that you don't have to worry about it melting or going squishy. You should make sure your loved one doesn't try to eat it either, or the romantic gesture of giving it thm could be replaced with an expensive dental bill!

The price of the Last Rolo varies depending on which you buy, the Silver Last Rolo is slightly cheaper (or more affordable, whichever way you want to look at it) than the Gold Last Rolo. However both do still look absolutely superb regardless of which one you choose.

There are 2 other slight variations of the Last Rolo too with a Silver Rolo Pendant (necklace) and also a Rolo Bracelet that can both be kept and worn all the time.

This gift idea is very similar to the Gold or Silver Love Heart Sweet

Price Range: 30-40

Silver Last Rolo Last Rolo Pendant Last Rolo Bracelet (C) 2008