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We all remember the Love Heart sweets you used to eat when you were younger (some of you big kids may still be eating them now) that had various love message printed on them such as "Cutie Pie", "Hot Lips", "Catch Me" as some examples (View more examples here).

Well Swizzels (the manufactureres) have gone one better now and have created Gold & Silver versions of their Love Heart sweet to the same size as the originals that can be given to someone and has the message "I Love You" on it.

Silver Love HeartYou don't have to worry about these Love Hearts cracking or having the message rub off in your pocket unlike the real sweets as they can be kept and treasured.

What makes these so special is that they take you back to your childhood so bring back those memories and the recipient will think you are a real "sweetie" for buying them such a lovign and thoughful gift!

This gift idea is very similar to the also popular

Gold or Silver Last Rolo

Price Range: 16.95


Gold Love Heart sweet Love Heart presentation box gift (C) 2008