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Model cars are absolutely brilliant gifts for those who have a passion for cars. We are not talking just about match box sized cars but we are talking 1:18 scale replica models of actual cars, with every minute detail accounted for, even down to the buttons that are used to open windows.

Bugatti Veyron model carModel Cars come in different scale sizes, such as 1:64 scale (around the £8 mark), 1:43 scale (around the £20 mark) 1:18 scale which cost £40-£100) or larger 1:12 scale (from around £100+).

There are different model car manufacturers and some collectors only collect from one model car manufacturer, others just love collecting cars, however for some who are not collectors but would like a model car as a gift then you don't need to worry about the manufacturer too much as long as you buy a model car that the recipient will enjoy.

Model CarsThere really is such a huge variety of different model cars available, from your standard road car right through to the latest supercars (such as the Bugatti Veyron, Aston Martin, Porsche, Lamborghini or Koenigsegg) and racing cars (replicas of F1 cars, Le-Mans cars and rally cars) and even motorbikes.

A leading manufacturer is

AUTOart model cars
who have a reputation worldwide for producing some of the best model cars available.

Another related gift for people interested in model cars may be a

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