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Moet Champagne is one of the most popular Champagnes produced and consumed all over the world. It is so popular in fact that a Moet Champagne cork pops every second somewhere in the World!

There are over 2,000,000 cases of Moet Champagne produced each year meaning there is over 24,000,000 750ml bottles of Moet Champagne (view other

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Moët ChampagneMot et Chandon was established in 1743 by founder Claude Moet and due to ancestors of Claude Moet who had been made nobles by King Charles VII in 1446 the Moet name already had prestige attached to it. It was Claude Moets grandson, Jean-Rmy Mot, who was the person who transformed Moet Champagne into a symbol of splendor, pleasure and prestige.

Mot Champagne is a supplier of Champagne to Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family and holds a Royal Warrant which allows them to advertise that they supply the Royal Family. With such prestige it is little wonder that Mot Champagne is world renowned and hugely popular.

Moet Champagne comes from the Epernay region of France and they use Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier grapes to produce their champagne.

Underneath Mot & Chandon headquarters in Empernay, Champagne (region), is a network of chalk cellars that goes on for 28 kilometers, this is where the Mot Champgane is aged to perfection.

So looking back over the history and heritage of Mot it is easy to see why Mot Champagne gifts are so popular. (C) 2008