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Gift Ideas - Romantic Gift Ideas - Name a Star


Name a star and your loved one can look up anytime (well at night anyway and if it's not cloudy) and see a shining reminder of your love for them.

You can actually Name A Star and it will officially be registered as that in the Intergalactic Star Database. What's better is how many other presents do you know that will last a lifetime like this one will (providing the start doesn't turn into a shooting star when it explodes, although the average star will last around 50 billion years so we think the odds are in your favour it won't go pop...).

After you have named your star you will receive a certificate to prove it's actually been named that, and also the coordinates about where you can look to see your star.

This gift is not just ideal as a Romantic gift but also to any astronomer or sky gazer!

A similar gift idea to this is the Name A Rose gift.

Price Range: 20-£30 (C) 2008