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Nookii game is a game for couples to enjoy together, and not like many other adult orientated games that are a bit seedy and have crowds of people there playing and watching. Nookii is a clever game that gives couples the chance to explore each others bodies.
This is what Nookii says about itself:
"Nookii is a map of foreplay, a key to a door of possibilities on a multitude of sensual interactions. It works by suggestion, delivering diversity and humour. One of the key components of good sex is awareness and Nookii is a great way to enhance sensuality"

Nookii sex gameThe game has a range of different cards, there is the "mmm" cards which are the starters to get things going, then there is the "ooh" cards which are starting to add a bit more spice to the situation, and then there is the "aah" cards which definitely require you not to be disturbed by anyone...

The Nookii game consists of 6 sets of cards (3 for each "player"), 2 dice, a timer, a silky scarf for blindfolding and an all important "Do Not Disturb" sign for the door!

Nookii sex game was voted number 1 in The Daily Mirror adult game reviews so it would seem if you are after an adult game that is not completely seedy then Nookii is the one to choose if you are after some, erm, Nookii!

Price Range: 25 (C) 2008