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Everyone has their own mug or cup and don't particularly like it when others use it (come on, admit it we all feel the same) so what better way to make sure everyone knows your mug is yours than by having your own personalised mug.

Personalised MugPersonalised Mugs have the the owners name across the mug for all to see, what's more the name is personalised onto a whole range of different themes and designs based on what the person likes.

So for example, a keen golfer can have a personalised mug with their name looking like it is written into the bunker on a golf course, someone into football can have their name on the back of a football shirt or it being displayed on a banner being held at the game, the range of different designs is superb and there is a design that should suit everyone!

A great personalised mug for the workplace is one that has your name on it and also how you like to have your brew made, like the one in the picture to the right. You have if you prefer Tea/Coffee, Milk or No Milk and how many sugars you want printed into the side of the mug ready for whoever is going to make you a brew!

Price Range: 10

Personalised Golf mug Personalised Football flag mug Personal gardeners mug (C) 2008