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A Red Letter Day is known universally as a special day or a day that is highly significant or of extreme personal significance to an individual!

Red Letter DayIn the year 325 The First Council of Nicaea decided that Saints Days, feasts and other Holy Days should be printed in Red so they stood out.
1549 this was extended to the First Book of Common Prayer where holy days were printed in red ink on the calendar.

Red Letter Day is a generic term now and is widely used throughout the world as a day that holds special significance to someone. Examples of such days that might be classed as a red letter day would be

, Christenings or another day where you do something special or once in a lifetime.

You will find that many modern day diaries will highlight special occasions or important days in red, likewise many people write important entries into diaries or calendar in red so they they stand out and are not missed so this is another reason for the generic use of the term Red Letter Day. (C) 2008