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So, you want to impress your loved one or try to woo that special person and need some romantic gift ideas to help you on your way. Well the romantic occasion can start with the usual cliché romantic gifts that have been tried and tested - Flower gifts, meals, chocolates (well, those are mainly from the man giving to the woman anyway).Romantic Gift ideas

The chances are however that since you are here looking for romantic gift ideas that these usual gifts are not solely what you are after and you want something slightly different so don't worry, we will do our best to help you with something other than the ordinary!

Gold / Silver Last Rolo
: Do you love that special someone enough to give them your last Rolo? Well go one better with an official replica Gold or Silver Rolo will be a permanent reminder to your loved one that they are special. Comes in a nice presentation box and made to the right size!

Much along the same lines as the Last Rolo there is also

Gold or Silver Love Heart Sweets that have been made that have the message "I Love You" on them. Again they come presented in a nice presentation box and and a real "sweet" idea for a romantic gift!

Warm up your lovers hands with this

Hot Heart Warmer and it will leave them with a nice warm glow inside too. If you fancy a different romantic gift that will also warm up your partner then how about the I Love You Toast Stamp, this little stamp will make all the toast you make in future have "I Love You" printed into it.

Do you want a ever lasting gift that can be looked at for eternity? Well how about a

Name A Star gift. You get to name a star to your choice and it will be a permanent reminder up in the sky to your loved one of how romantic you are. Along the same sort of theme you could also Name A Rose.

If you want to spice up your love life a bit then a Game of Nookii might be the order of the day. This clever game lets couples explore each others bodies with a range of different tasks.

Do you want to do something slightly more traditional that won't brake the bank but will show your loved one that they mean so much to you? Then why not treat them to a

romantic night at home where you plan and sort the whole evening so it can be as romantic for the both of you as it can be. (C) 2008