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Romantic nights in are an absolutely superb way to show your loved one what they mean to you, what's more is that for those who might be on a tight budget a Romantic night in does not need to be an expensive affair but it can potentially offer a far more romantic evening than spending money and going out. The thing with Romantic nights in is the thought and the planning that goes into them.

Romantic Night at homeNow if you are planning a true romantic night staying in then you need to plan ahead, you don't want to be trying to sort it all on the spur of the moment and not leave yourself enough time to get everything just as you want it.

First thing you need to think of is when you plan to have your Romantic evening, if it's for a specific special occasion such as a birthday, Wedding anniversary, Valentines day or even just because you want to have a special night because you can then you need to get the date set in your head and then work your plans for the evening around that.

Once you have your date for the Romantic evening then you need to make plans for anyone else who lives in the same house, so if you have children you might want to see if grandparents would let them stay with them or if they could go around to friends houses for the night, you don't particularly want to be having to worry about picking them up later in the evening as it would just break up the whole evening and take away some of the romance to the evening. If you share a house with a housemate then you could try politely asking if they mind going out for the evening, maybe go out with friends and stay at a friends house, or if they have their own partner they could perhaps go and stay with them.

Romantic nights inSo once the date is sorted and other people are out of the way now comes the challenge of sorting the romantic night at home. First on the list to think about is food, you don't want to be having to make something really hard that is going to stress you out, something nice, simple and tasty is all that you need to do, you also don't want to make absolutely loads so you are completely stuffed when you have finished eating. There is always the option to buy a takeaway if you really are completely unable to knock anything up yourself, but the personal touch and making it yourself will really add that extra to the food and it will be so much more well received by your partner knowing that you have put the time and effort into making it yourself especially for this romantic night at home.

Ideally you want to have the table set before your partner arrives if possible, so you want a CLEAN white table cloth, napkins, cutlery, 2 plates, 2 wine glasses, some table candles (positioned so that they are not blocking your view of each other), you could also add a rose into a little vase for the middle of the table too. You should have the table all set out with you both sat facing each other.

If you both drink wine you should get a couple of bottles of your favourite wine, make sure the wine compliments the food you are going to be eating too.

Now the whole evening is unlikely to be spent sat round the dinner table so you also have to prepare the other room(s) that you may be going to,such as the living room and maybe the bedroom...
After you have eaten do you plan to watch a film together? If so make sure you choose carefully, the latest all-action shoot-em-up is unlikely to keep the romantic feel to the evening but also you don't want a film that just goes on & on & on. Something that you will both enjoy that you can cuddle up together would be ideal. You want to have low lighting in the living room to keep the ambiance so try and get some side lamps in there if possible.

Get yourself showered & changed preferably before your partner gets home, this means you can then allow them time to get themselves changed (thats if they live with you) while you finish off the preparations for the romantic night in.
When they arrive ready for the romantic evening you could greet them with a glass of wine and at this point you could both go to the living room for some talk. Make sure you don't bring up any subjects that are likely to case divisions or arguments, the last thing you want is to get into a heated debate right at the start of the night that could possibly ruin the whole evening. (C) 2008