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Tengu is a cool little USB gadget that you connect to the USB slot in your computer or laptop and he instantly becomes a companion who sits there with you. Tengu reacts to sounds and will mime along to songs if you have music playing on your computer. You can even chat away to him if you want (make sure no one is watching, you don't want them to get worried about your sanity...)

TenguTengu does not need any additional software for it to work, simply plug in and you are away. When Tengu hears no sound for a while it will fall asleep, to wake Tengu up all you need to do is blow on his face. As Tengu has a number of different faces, if you blow on the mic his face expression will change.

Now we are not going to try and pretend that Tengu doesn't anything that is actually going to do anything that is that useful for you other than make you smile (which is probably one of the best reasons to get him). Sitting at a computer for long periods alone can get a bit boring so if Tengu gives you that bit of company then that's all good isn't it (just perhaps don't tell all your friends you have a USB electronic mate or they might think you have lost the plot).

A similar but hugely more functional desktop companion is the

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Video of Tengu in action (C) 2008