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Wedding quite often are one of the easier occasions to buy gifts for. A marriage is quite a red letter day for the couple getting married, it marks the start of a whole new part of their lives and many people like to celebrate this occasion with the happy couple by being at the wedding day and also buying them a wedding gift to help them with their new lives together.

Quite often the couple getting married will have a wedding gift list where they will list down what they would actually like to help set them up in their married life together.

Wedding Gift Ideas

Although you may not think that a set of cutlery is all that romantic Or exciting a gift to buy for a wedding gift if it is on the wedding list then it is likely to be something that is actually required and would be useful!

Wedding Lists are usually included with your invitation to the wedding and tend to be created so all gifts come from one store so that any duplicate gifts can be exchanged (it is always worth keeping hold of the receipt for the wedding gift you buy just incase it does need to be replaced or exchange due to it being a duplicate gift). Nowadays though the wedding gift list is kept on a computer and when you purchase off the wedding list the gift list will be updated so other guests will get to see what is left to be bought. As such, if you want to get first choice of what to buy then you should check out the list when you receive it and buy from it as soon as possible. If there is nothing left on the list then you could always buy gift vouchers for the department store that the list was created at.

Often on wedding gift lists there are the odd "dream" item gift included, now although there may be someone who will buy these there may also not be. If you have a group of friends or family all going to the wedding then a few could all chip in equal amounts to buy one of these more expensive items. You will have to get this organised and also find out what each other was looking to spend so you know how many people the gift cost needs to be split between.

Personalised Wedding Gifts are a great choice as they can capture the special occasion and be a permanent reminder of the happy day, you can have the couples name and date of the wedding engraved onto something such as a picture frame, champagne flutes, a candle, wedding photo album as some examples.

Similar to the gift vouchers idea for the store the wedding gift list was made at giving money is also an acceptable gift, more so if the couple are just starting out with setting up a home together and funds are likely to be tight. Although it is unlikely that any wedding gift list will actually contain money as a possible gift this does not mean that it would not be a suitable gift to give.

Personalised Wedding Cards (obviously to accompany a wedding gift) are always a nice relatively inexpensive way to show you have thought about the wedding, many couples keep things like wedding cards for prosperity so a personalised one will be really appreciated. You can have the car have the couples names, wedding date printed onto the wedding card design from different online card stores. You choose the design you would like and then can have your personalised words printed onto the card.

If you know where the married couple are going away to on their honeymoon and are able to sort it you could try to upgrade their seats on the flight (that's obviously if they are actually flying anywhere), or have a bottle of champagne waiting for them in their room of their hotel when the arrive, just that extra little something that will make them smile and realise how special they are. (C) 2008