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A bottle of Whisky can make a great gift to give to anyone who enjoys a tipple. Much like buying wine when you come to buying Whisky you have a huge range covering all budgets.

Whisky GiftWhisky is created with 3 simple ingredients, Barley, Water & Yeast. It is not a quick product to produce with the minimum length of time from start to finished product being 3 years, most of which is spent with the Whisky being placed in Oak casks. It is actually the Law that for it to be officially be called Whisky it has to be kept in the cask for a minimum of 3 years.

Most Whiskys are stored for between 8-12 years and these are the most common ones that you will come across. The longer the Whisky is aged for the higher the price becomes, so Whiskys that are aged 50 years and over can command prices of a few thousand pounds for a bottle. This is because they are likely quite rare and have been stored for 50 years which is quite a long time! (C) 2008