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Zorbing (also known as Sphereing) is basically the act of strapping yourself into a huge air filled ball and rolling down a hill in it. Not that much to it other than that, so you don't really have to worry about having to go into training or learn any skills to take part in a Zorbing experience, just strap yourself in and let gravity do the rest!

Zorbing extreme experienceBasically there is an outer sphere with a smaller one inside, this then creates around 3 foot of air to provide a cushioned area around the inner ball to act as a shock absorber to any bumps you experience on the roll down the slope. To get into the ball there is usually two small entrances on each side of the ball to slide into.
The Zorb or Sphere will travel down the hill at speeds of up to 30mph, the recorded record fastest speed (Keith Kolver) is for 32mph with the longest recorded ride (Steve Camp) being 570 metres.

SphereingZorbing/Sphereing can be performed alone or with someone else where you get strapped into the Zorb facing opposite each other. Another take on the standard experience is called "Aqua Zorbing" or "Aqua Sphereing" which is where a bucket of water is thrown into the inner ball and gets splashed around on the roll down!

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